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How to get start with Node.js



The official site of Node.js is informative, but maybe not quite easy to follow for beginners of Node.js.  I would like to put some good reference sites for Node.js beginners, so that you can speed up your journey of Node.js.

The first site is  It provides good background knowledge of Node.js, as well as the hands-on examples.  It is easy to follow, and can give you more confidence to start with your Node.js journey.

Felix’s Node.js Guide is also worth reading.  It provides the Style Guide of Node.js, and also provide some tips for you to convince your boss to adopt Node.js.

The last site I would like to introduce is Node.js Manual.  It provides a set of Tutorial and Guide of Node.js, and complete reference of Node.js and JavaScript.

Hope these info helps. I read the above links and developed my first Node.js web site:

Sky Chen


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